Franklin County Antique Machinery Club

A lot more than tractors on a hill...


The January 27th meeting and 

all meetings in February and March will be at
Brookville United Methodist Church
150 E. 8 the Street
Brookville,IN. 47012

The church is one block south from St.Thomas
Both regular and directors meetings
Due to construction at church

                          For more info call Dale Hertel at 765-220-1615

                          For a flea market spot call Pat at 765-265-6245.

                                 GOLF CART RENTAL AT THE SHOW

   We have golf carts to rent at the show from Power Equipment Solutions at 937-890-7149  There are NO reservations this year it is first come at the show.

To exhibit you must be a member. Membership is $5.00. Pay at the office in                           September at the show if your membership has expired.

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