Franklin County Antique Machinery Club

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      The October 26 directors meeting has been canceled. Also due to all the               restrictions and serving food inside the Christmas Party has been canceled for                                                             this Dec.  

   Election is Nov. 10 at the 4H block building on the Fairgrounds. The front gate will be open. Must be a member and be present to vote. Drive through voting will begin at 6:00pm and end at 7:00pm. You do not have to come inside to vote during this time. Voting inside will end at 7:15pm. There will be a meeting starting at                                                                      7:00pm.


                          For more info call Dale Hertel at 765-220-1615

                          For a flea market spot call 765-265-6245.

                                 GOLF CART RENTAL AT THE SHOW

   We have golf carts to rent at the show from Power Equipment Solutions at 937-890-7149  There are NO reservations this year it is first come at the show.

To exhibit you must be a member. Membership is $5.00. Pay at the office in                           September at the show if your membership has expired.

On June 9 at the monthly club meeting  the Board of Directors of the Franklin County Antique Machinery Club decided to cancel the upcoming Show in September. This decision was made after a lengthy discussion at the meeting, with health officials, our insurance agent and workers. This was a very hard decision for the Board and one they did not rush into and take lightly. The health and safety of our members, guests, workers and vendors are of our utmost concern in these trying times. We hope to see everyone in 2021 for the biggest and best show ever.



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