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Great Antique Tractor Pull 2024

Thursday, September 26th and Friday, September 27th

Hook Fee

$15 per Hook

Registration begins at 4 pm, 2 hours before start time at 6 pm

We will run two sleds so be on time!!

Registration will close at 10 pm

Thursday Night Classes


Stock Classes

5,500 lbs.

6,500 lbs.

7,500 lbs

8,500 lbs.

11,000 lbs. Double Tree

Friday Night Classes


Stock Classes

2,800 lbs.

3,500 lbs.

4,500 lbs

9,000 lbs. Double Tree

Open Classes*

4,500 lbs.

5,500 lbs.

6,500 lbs.





No protests (Judges decisions are final).
Must be a Club Member to pull.
All Tractors must be 1959 vintage or older.
All classes lowest gear possible - except open classes.
Stock Engine: RPM 10% over stock
Drawbar Height: 18 inches maximum drawbar height for 2800 lbs. class. 
All other classes, 20 inch height with hook point no closer than 18 inches from center
of rear axle. 
Driver will furnish clevis with 3" hole.  All drawbars must be rigid.
Weight Bracket on front of tractor not to exceed 11 ft. from center of rear axle (including weights)

Tires: NO altered, cut, modified, radials or steel.

           2,800 & 3,500 lbs. - max tire size 13.6

           4,500, 5,500, 6,500 lbs. - max tire size 15.5

           7,500 & 8,500 lbs. - max tire size 18.4

Any loss of weight from tractor is an automatic disqualification.

Puller has 75 feet to stop and restart.

First puller in each class has the option to pass on their first pull and come back in third.

Driver must stay seated during the pull.

AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION if front wheels are more then 24 inches off the ground.

Anyone Complaining or using foul language with any of the help will be asked to leave.

Any pre-registered entry fees will be considered a donation and will not be refunded.

COMPLAINTS must be made only to Keith Van Meter.

  • Tractors MUST have wheelie bars
  • Must be 16 to pull in open classes
  • Tires can be cut
  • No tire size limit

For Additional Information contact Keith Van Meter at 765-238-3568

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Thanks to
NAPA Brookville
NAPA Connersville
for sponsoring the trophies for the Great Antique Tractor Pull
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